Pastoral Care & Visitation

Visitation is a ministry provided to persons who are hospitalized, shut in, home bound, nursing home residents and others in need of more personalized care.Visitation is provided by lay persons and pastors, and may include celebrating the sacrament of communion.

Pastoral support and visitation from our pastor of congregational care, Pastor Kathy Mihoerck, and our pastor of visitation, Pastor Denny Marshall.

Please contact the church office at 724.463.8535 to request a call or visit.



Christian Counseling Associates

Christian counseling services are available at our downtown location. Christian Counseling, in a basic sense, acknowledges that a person’s faith plays a vital role in the healing of emotional or behavioral problems. Therefore, this type of counseling intentionally seeks to make faith a significant part of the “treatment” process. In whatever problem is faced, Christian Counseling acknowledges that Jesus Christ can powerfully work in our lives to bring about healing and relief.

Please contact Christina Counseling at 724.396.1510.

To learn more on Christian Counseling Associates, click here.



Stephen Ministry

Intensively trained and gifted lay people who meet regularly with care receivers for ongoing, one-to-one care when individuals in our congregation and community are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

Please contact Pastor Kathy Mihoerck at 724.463.8535 or kmihoerck@indianagrace.org.



Feed the Flock

Life happens…and when it does, Feed the Flock is available to prepare meals for families or individuals who need a bit of help when a new baby arrives, when there is illness in the family, after a death or other life happening.

Please contact Chris Krager at 815.677.3767.